Camp Handbook

Welcome to the Peak Performance Summer Camps. We are thrilled to have your child at camp this summer! Our goal is to provide your child with a fun and safe experience. Please read through the following rules completely.


Children should arrive at camp no sooner than 15 minutes prior to camp start time, as staff will be preparing for the day's activities.


If your child is to leave camp early for any reason, please write a note identifying the person he/she is to leave with and the time he/she is to leave. Please speak to the Camp Director to coordinate.


Children must be picked up by parent/guardian at the program’s conclusion. If a child is not picked up on time, a $5 fine will be charged for the first 10 minutes and $5 for every 5-minute period thereafter. Peak Performance Sports Camps recognizes that unavoidable situations occasionally occur and will take this into consideration. Please, call and let the staff know if you will be late.

First Occurrence: Camp Director will remind parent/guardian of the late fee policy for the program.

Second Occurrence: Camp Director will charge fee accordingly and inform the owner. Fee must be paid at drop off of the next camp day. Campers will not be permitted to camp without late fees being paid.

Third Occurrence: Camp Director will charge fee accordingly and inform the owner. Fee again must be paid at drop off of the next camp day. Campers will not be permitted to camp without late fees being paid. The parent/guardian will be notified that the child will be dropped from the program if there are further late pick- ups.


It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify and inform Peak Performance Sports Camps, at the time of registration, of any medical condition or disability that may require special consideration Peak Performance staff. Our goal is to serve your child in the most effective manner possible. Your confidentiality will be respected.


All preschool campers must be potty trained. We will not assist with the clean up of accidents and parents will be called if campers have bathroom issues.


Peak Performance Sports Camps reserves the right to suspend or dismiss from a program any participant whose behavior disrupts a program, or in any way endangers him/her or other participants. The procedure for handling disciplinary situations involving children is:

First Occurrence: Staff will attempt to redirect the child and warn him/ her of the possible consequences of his/her actions.

Second Occurrence: Staff or Program Manager will discuss disruptive behavior with the child and his/her parent/guardian in an attempt to correct the situation.

Third Occurrence: If unacceptable behavior continues, the child and his/her parent/guardian will be contacted and the child may be subject to dismissal from the program.

Examples of unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

~Disrupting the program (or fighting or arguing)

~Endangering the health and safety of other participants and staff

~Continuous refusal to follow program rules

~Use of verbal harassment, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or racial slurs

~Theft or damage of private or program property

~Leaving site without permission


Campers should wear comfortable, old, durable play clothes – appropriate for the camp and the weather conditions. Children must wear gym shoes. Please do not allow your child to wear sandals, Crocs, or flip-flops, as they pose a safety issue.


All personal items (backpacks, tote bags, lunch boxes/bags, etc.) must be clearly labeled with your child's name on it. Please do not allow your child to bring items that may be broken or lost. Items of value such as iPods and hand-held games will not be allowed at camp. A lost and found box will be maintained at each camp. After camp ends, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.


Campers should bring a refillable water bottle daily.


If a child needs to receive emergency medication at camp (IE epi-pen) for allergies, a written form is required, and medication must be in the original prescription container. Please discuss any special instructions with the Camp Director. We will not dispense any other medications that children take on a daily basis, those should be given at home prior to camp or at the conclusion of camp.


Staff will administer first aid to a child on a limited basis for small accidents such as minor cuts, scrapes, and bloody noses. Your consent for the staff to administer first aid to your child is part of your registration agreement. If your child is ill or has a fever, we discourage their participation. The Director reserves the right not to accept a child due to illness. If a child becomes ill during the program, a parent will be notified and requested to pick up their child. If you are not available we will call the first person listed as an emergency contact on your child's information form. Your child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to the program. In the event of a medical emergency, we will call 911 for immediate emergency care and then contact the parents of the child. Should emergency treatment be required, the child will be taken to closest hospital to the camp site. You will be responsible for the emergency medical charges upon receipt of the statement. Your authorization for Peak Performance Sports Camps, LLC to secure emergency medical care for your child and your commitment to payment is part of your registration agreement.


Full Day Campers are required to bring a lunch and beverage daily. Half Day Campers should bring a snack and drink daily. Lunches/snacks are kept in the camper's backpacks until lunch/snack time. Refrigeration is NOT available.


We look forward to seeing your child every day. Please note that days of camp missed due to vacation or just choosing to skip a day cannot be made up by attending camp on a different day. In addition, we are unable to refund any missed days of camp, unless due to illness.


Stamford Camp Director: Kyle Smith 203-515-6516 or Matt Cerutto 203-451-7905 

Westport Camp Director : Ryan Smart 203-524-3070

Owner: Mark Carmody 203-943-9598


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